The Venus Factor Review

You may have heard about the high reputation that The Venus Factor has, but is it really as good as people say about it? Let’s find out in my review!

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Here I’m illustrating everything about this program as clearly as possible, to give you the best advice and let you determine if it is what you are looking for. In my review you will find the answers to questions like: Is Venus Factor program backed by real science? Is it really as good as people say? What are the positives and negatives of this program? You will also know some of the tips utilized in this program so you can get a more complete idea about it. Let’s get started!

What is The Venus Factor Diet Program?

It is a weight loss program created specially for women by strength and conditioning coach at the University ofVenus_factor_Main_product_Workout_videos Guelph called John Barban. It’s a 12-week program which is designed specially to re-balance the hormones responsible for appetite and weight gain, and to enable women to get their desired body shape. This program comes only in a digital version, so you will get instant access to it.

It’s been noticed that women need a special approach to lose weight, based on the uniqueness of their bodies and their characteristics, regarding the ratios of hormones and how their bodies deal with fat, actually many reasons make it so important to design a special weight loss program for women.

More about the creator of Venus Factor

As I mentioned earlier, his name is John Barban. His formal John Barban_Author of Venus Factoreducation background is a degree in Human Biology and Nutrition from the university of Guelph (Ontario Canada), and a Masters in Human Biology and Nutrition also from University of Guilph.

He spent 3 years as a Varsity Strength and Conditioning Coach (Ice Hockey) at the University of Guelph. He graduated of “exercise physiology” at the University of Florida, and he is a professor and researcher of exercise physiology at the same University.

Why should women have a special diet program?

As a result of their genetic traits, women have much more difficulty in losing weight than men, but this doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything about that, actually females can speed up their metabolism using some methods that are discovered in relatively new researches.

One of the major differences between men and women regarding metabolism is that women’s hormones tend to fluctuate much higher and much lower than men’s, and this appears most clearly when a women is on diet, her fat burning hormones crash a lot faster than they do in men, and eventually they hit a plateau and fail to lose any more fat.

How Could Females Metabolic Traits Carry Good News?

Women have to have cheat days more frequently than men to deal with hormone crashing, and doing so gets them out of the plateau and enables them to burn fat again.

That’s one trick John Barban uses, another one that he likes to use to increase metabolism is the fact that women tend to utilize fats much more efficiently than carbs, so using fat calories instead of carb calories can accelerate fat loss results for females.

Estrogen and weight loss; one of the main interests of The Venus Factor

It’s known that estrogen plays an important role in weight gain. There’s much more estrogen in the environment and in our food than we could ever need, so we have to avoid it, men and women, but specially women, because of their naturally elevated levels of it. In Venus Factor you will learn how to avoid extra estrogen promoting foods.

Why Should Women Have Their Special Workouts?

Since The Venus Factor has a workout part, it’s important to answer this question. Venus Factor_waist measureOne of the major reasons is the difference in intensity between men and women when training. Women do better when their training levels are moderate, regarding both weight training and cardio. Also, to keep their feminine shape, there are some workouts that women should avoid. Venus Factor workouts are designed specially for women, to help them get their desired feminine hour glass shape.

Leptin and weight loss

Venus factor is known for dealing with leptin in its strategy of losing weight. Relatively new research emphasize the role of this factor in weight loss, so let’s know more about it. Leptin is an appetite regulating hormone, produced by fat cells. One of the woman’s biggest problems when it comes to losing weight and stay fit is the level of this hormone in her system, and how sensitive is her brain to it. When there is enough fat stored in the body, leptin levels increase, and this tells the brain that there is no need to eat more, so the mind produces a feeling of satiation. This process can go wrong sometimes,Vneus Factor_leptin Cycle either as a result of leptin deficiency or developing a resistance to leptin, even though there is so much of it produced. Lack of leptin is an uncommon condition that affects a very small percentage of obese people, but the real problem is when the brain becomes leptin resistant, and that’s a very common one.

No More Yo-Yo Dieting!

After losing weight, the decreased leptin levels make our brains think we are starving, so the brain begins all kinds of strong mechanisms to regain the lost body fat,Venus Factor_yoyo diet mistakenly thinking that it’s defending us from starving. Most dieters are familiar with this.. losing weight is often easy at first, specially when there is a high motivation level, but soon after that hunger, cravings and decreased desire for exercising begins. This is another problem that The Venus Factor deals with and aims to solve.

Differences between men and women regarding leptin

There are three main reasons why women need a different approach to get slim, when dealing with leptin hormone:

1- Higher leptin levels. Women have more leptin than men (actually twice as much).

2- More leptin resistance. Women have more resistance to the effect of leptin.

3- Quick drop. When women start eating less food, leptin levels get much less than it would in men.

Discovering these differences lead to creating a strategy called Metabolic Override. This strategy boosts leptin levels and makes women’s body respond much better to it.

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The Venus Factor Package Review

I think now you should know the cost of this program. You can get The Venus Factor Program for just $ 37, with 60 days money back guarantee.

It consists of:

1- The Venus Factor Essential Diet Guide. The Venus Factor 12 week fat loss systemAn ebook of 180 pages, talking about all the nutrition stuff that you need to know to start losing weight and to balance your hormones. For instance, you will learn how to increase the levels of leptin in your body and how to make your brain more responsive to it. It contains a comprehensive plan that doesn’t just aim to make you lose weight, but it also focuses on gaining a healthy body by following healthy habits that will make weight loss results sustainable.

2- The 12-week Fat Burning Workout Program. A library that includes instructional exercise videos.venus-factor You can do these exercises either at home or in the gym, so they don’t require a gym membership. As you already know, to maintain healthy changes in your body regarding your weight you should workout, and this workout program is designed specially for women to give them the desired feminine hour glass shape.

3- The Virtual Nutritionist Software App. It’s an app that will help you track calories and protein intake according to your own body. It will calculate calories and proteins in your meals, and compare them to your special ideal numbers, telling you how far or near you are from consuming your ideal meals in ideal portions, every time you use it.venus-factor-calorie-calculator

4- The Venus Index Podcast. It consists of audio interviews by The Venus Factor users talking about their success stories. This tool will give you the needed motivation and instruction to continue the program with the same enthusiasm, because when you hear stories from other women who experienced the same struggles as you did, and know how they achieved their desired results, it will be the most powerful motivation you could get.

5- The Venus Community. It’s an access to the exclusive community of all Venus Factor users. Here you can chat with women just like you on the forum, tell them about your progress and take a look at theirs, share your inspiring stories, recipes you use and breakthroughs you have experienced while reading the same from them.

The Venus Factor _ venus community

Pros and cons


  • Clear, easy to follow, step by step program
  • Includes four different programs to choose from to suit your needs and your desired weight loss rate.
  • Special exercise and nutrition plan for every woman depending on her body measurements and ratios.
  • You don’t have to deprive yourself completely of your favorite foods, you can enjoy consuming them moderately without any problem. there are also cheat days included.
  • Utilizes to a great extent the effect of leptin hormone which its important role in losing weight have been recently discovered.
  • It’s not just about losing weight; it cares much about shaping the body in a desired way using different exercises designed specially for women.
  • The workouts doesn’t require a gym membership, you can do them from the comfort of your home.
  • A comprehensive 60 days money back guarantee. If you find that this program is not for you, or you’re not happy with it, you have a 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee, which means zero risk.


  • Designed just for women, so men can’t use it
  • It’s a digital product, so the book is just in pdf format, no paper book version available

Will this program work for you?

The Venus Factor came after years of research by the fitness and nutrition expert John Barban, with so many customers to testify its effectiveness. This program has been around for a relatively long time with high success, which alone is a good indicator. Its methods are scientifically proven, and it includes both diets and exercises. It’s known that muscles burn fat, so having the workout part enables this program to give you long term success in getting the desired slim body.

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One comment

  • For only $37and a 60 day money back guarantee, I’d say I’ll definitely give this a shot. And since it is a downloadable ebook, you actually get the full 60 days, unlike with other companies that make the promise and it starts when you order and the shipping days are counted in the however many days. I really like the fact that’s it’s exclusively for women.

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