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I purchased The Beta Switch Program so I can confidently talk about it. Let’s start with this brief introduction.

Hips, thighs, bum, belly and sometimes back of arms are spots women usually have trouble dealing with when trying to lose fat. That’s why they are sometimes called trouble spots. Women who suffer from trouble spots may not be overweight, but they feel that their bodies have strong grip on fat in these spots, no matter how strictly they diet or how hard they workout. They may use creams or potions that they see advertisements for on TV, just to find out they’ve fallen victim to gimmicks.

If you find that some of what I said applies to you, then I’m pretty sure you’ll be interested in reading on.

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What Is This Program All About?

This program is for helping women burn fat, specially in theirThe-Beta-Switch-Trouble-Spot problematic areas, where fat usually get stubborn, such as hips, thighs, bum, belly and back of arms. It aims to achieve this goal without depriving women from their favorite foods, and without exhausting them with excessive exercises.

The Beta Switch is a 12 week step by step system, which can be used even after the 12 weeks, since it contains lifestyle and nutrition information that’s not chained to a specific period of time.

How Does This Program Work?

This program depends on an important factor that affects and controls fat loss or fat gain, it’s called Adrenoceptors, which function as switches that make you store or lose fat, by reacting with adrenaline hormone. Adrenoceptors are divided into two groups: Alpha Adrenoceptors, and Beta Adrenoceptors. Both men and women have both these kinds. By turning Beta receptor switch on you stimulate fat burning, and if you turn Alpha receptor switch on you trigger storing and trapping fat cells in your body.

The problem is women have 9 times more Alpha receptors than Beta receptors in their stubborn fat, so they really need a way to turn their Betas on and their Alphas off.

Another point that I should mention here, that is strict diet or exercising too much makes it hard to get rid of trouble areas, and I’m going to tell you why: You may know that thyroid gland has an important role in losing weight, it’s discovered that strict diets and too much exercise decreases the thyroid hormone level, and that turns Beta switches off and Alpha switches on. This program has three solutions to this problem, and these solutions should be carried out together:

1- It provides a list of veggies, fruits, fats and proteins that turn on the fat burning beta switch.

2- Four herbal extracts and a natural oil that shut down the fat storing Alpha switch.

3- It has a ‘cheat day’ strategy that gets thyroid gland hormone to function and prevents fat loss plateau.

This system also has other strategies that don’t deal directly with Beta and Alpha switches, so I showed you just the most relevant ones to this subject.

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Who Is the Creator Of This Program?

The creator of this system with all its components is the Australian body-transformation expert Sue Heintze. sue heintze creator of the bita switchShe has won figure competitions several times using the methods of this system, even when she’s in her 40s. She says that she helped 36 figure competition winners among other thousands of women around the world, using The Beta Switch System.

Is This Program Different From Other Programs?

If you had tried some of the popular female diets, you’d have found that they are too strict, which makes fat get trapped in your trouble zones. Too much exercise does that also. In Beta Switch System you don’t have to do that, here you’ll continue enjoying your favorite foods; actually you must do that to turn on this fat burning switch.

Needless to say that creams and potions don’t do any good regarding your trouble spots. Fortunately, they have nothing to do with this program.

Who Is This System For?

If you’re a woman and want to lose weight, or just want to get rid of stubborn fat from problematic areas, such as hips, thighs, bum, belly and back of your arms, then you should give it a try. You may think that your current situation prevents you from following a weight loss program, like if you’re a busy mom or you have a time consuming business, but that won’t prevent you from getting the benefits of this system, since it doesn’t require dedicating much time, nor will it require you to do excessive aerobics or cardio. You may also think that you’ve tried everything and nothing will work for you, but this system is based upon a relatively new research, and most certainly you haven’t tried its method before.

What Does This Program Promise?

Sue Heintze gives three guarantees to the user of this program:

Guarantee #1

This is the only source of Specific fat loss information for women that brings guaranteed stubborn fat reduction in your most problematic areas.

Guarantee #2

If you diligently apply the techniques of this program along with the Beta Switch Workouts, you’ll notice visible reduction in your most trouble zones in just one week.

Guarantee #3

You’ll find a professional customer care team that’s ready to help you and answer any question you may have.

* All these promises are backed with a 60 days full money back guarantee, no questions asked.

What Do You Get?

the beta switch package

In addition to the downloads regarding the nutritional plan of Beta Switch, you’ll get:

  • The Beta Switch Workout System, Which includes:

1.      The Beta Switch Workout System Manual

2.      The Beta Switch Exercise Execution Guide

3.      The Beta Switch Workout Tracker Sheets

4.      The Beta Switch Success Tracker

5.      Workout Videos

  • The 5-Day Tummy Tuck: 30 pages book that provides tips and advices to help you get a flat belly
  • Boost Your Body Image Report: 14 pages report that deals with improving the image that you have of your own body, even if it’s not exactly like the unrealistic photos of models on magazine covers.
  • Mind Over Matter: Win the Mental Game of Fat Loss: 123 pages book that talks about mental tricks and strategies that will help you not just in losing weight, but also in many aspects of your life.
  • 1 full month in the exclusive Tight n’ Toned club: it’s an online club that gathers thousands of users of this program

* All these are digital products that get downloaded/accessed instantly.

Bottom Line

I hope I clarified everything you need to know about The Beta Switch program. Click the link bellow to get access to it. If you found it helpful ‘and I’m pretty sure you will’, then I’ll be glad that I suggested it for you. If not, you can send an email to Sue Heintze within 60 days, and she will issue a refund for you within two days. Good luck!

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