Metabolic Cooking Review – Does It Really Work?

I purchased The Metabolic Cooking and I’m going to give you a clear view of it. You will discover everything about it including recipe page layout.

It’s a nutritional guide that was created to solve many problems that people who try to eat healthy encounter, such as finding healthy food untasty, not having a complete nutritional plan in healthy recipes books, and that many healthy recipes books contain unhealthy recipes that contribute in gaining weight and slowing the metabolism. You may also need to know that it’s a digital product that you can download instantly to your computer.

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How it works

It’s named “Metabolic Cooking” because it depends on ingredients in the food that help to increase metabolism. When metabolism increases, the body burns the calories contained in the food, it also uses the existing fat cells as a fuel resource, which makes the body lose weight.

One of the most important factors in Metabolic Cooking is that it aims to solve the problem of the healthy meals being untasty, and that all of them taste almost alike, which makes you start craving unhealthy meals. Here I’d like to quote a paragraph from Metabolic Cooking:Metabolic Cooking Quote

Another factor that this nutritional guide depends on is giving a whole nutritional plan, rather than just a number of recipes. I found this specially in the book titled “Fat Loss Optimizer Guide”, which is a 63 pages book that I got in “Metabolic Cooking”. In this book I found explanations of the main nutrients and their relationship with fat burning, The 10 rules of metabolic cooking, how to create my own individualized meal plan, and other subjects that helped me know exactly what to do regarding healthy cooking.

What I liked About Metabolic Cooking

First I liked the idea of creating delicious recipes for weight loss, and I liked how this goal interpreted into reality with the hard work of the authors, and with the help of the relatively new discovered thermogenic effect, which makes it healthy to add some delicious ingredients such as protein rich foods and some spices and herbs to meals to increase fat burning.

Regarding the books format; I liked that when you click on a recipe in a menu, or on a subject in a table of contents, you navigate directly to it without the need to look after it in the book. Also I liked that the menus are classified into groups according to the main nutrients they contain. Also with each recipe it is shown how much it contains of calories, protein, carbs and fat. I liked the simple layout of the pages, which makes it tempting to read. I liked that there is a cookbook specially for vegetarians. I liked how the authors make a complete fat loss plan that you can follow, specially in the book titled “Fat Loss Optimizer Guide”.

I liked that Dave and Karine are offering 60 days full money back guarantee, no question asked, which makes it risk free to try it out.

What I didn’t like

When I purchased the Metabolic Cooking, I got many ebooks together, so I was wondering where I should start! Since there is no indicator to which book I should start reading. But after I paged through them, I figured out that it would be better if I start with ‘Fat Loss Optimizer Guide’, then I can choose any book of them to read.

Also after I read the recipes, I found that they are not suitable for someone who wants to become a bodybuilder. They are suitable for someone who wants to get a good body shape, defined abs, wants to lose weight and get rid of trouble areas… but not for a professional bodybuilder.

->Click Here To Visit Metabolic Cooking Official Website<-

Who Is The Author?

Metabolic Cooking was created by Dave Ruel and Karine Losier ‘husband and wife’.

Dave is a well known and trusted fitness cook who I found is known as the ‘Muscle Cook’ among most people. I believe he got Metabolic Cooking Co Author Dave Ruelhis nickname for his efforts in changing the way “fitness enthusiasts” go regarding meals; he’s seen them go the same route of steamed chicken, baked potatoes, and broccoli for every meal, which made many of them lose the enjoinment of eating food. He created a different approach which makes them never feel they are dieting, they started eating healthy because they love it, and thus it’s easier for them to reach their fitness goals.

He’s helped many people get really good results, he’s been helping bodybuilders get ready for bodybuilding shows, fitness models get prepared for photo shoots and fitness enthusiasts transform their body shape.

Metabolic Cooking Co Author KarineKarine, co-author of this nutritional guide has also earned her nickname ‘Lean Kitchen Queen’. She challenges the common techniques that most chefs use, while seeking out healthier alternatives, without losing the taste factor. This ‘taste factor’ has a special importance to her, since she holds a master’s degree in psychology, and she is aware of the psychological effect of great taste to enable people stick with the healthy diet.


What Do You Get?


Over 250 recipes distributed in some of the following books

  • The Complete Metabolic Cooking 9-Cookbook Set

These 9 books are titled: Breakfast, Chicken & Poultry, Fish & Seafood, Metabolicious Smoothies, Pork, Red Meat, Sides, Snacks, and Vegetarian.

  • Fat Loss Optimizer Guide

It’s a 63 pages book, which I personally consider the main book of this package. It contains the 10 rules of Metabolic Cooking, everything about main food ingredients which relate to weight loss, how to use this system effectively, how to manage food preparation, tools needed in the kitchen, money saving tips, and how to make your individualized meal plan…

  • Metabolic Salad Builder

It’s a 33 pages book that contains metabolic salad recipes.

  • Metabolicious Calorie Free Dressings

It’s an 18 pages book, and contains recipes of healthy metabolic dressings that you can add to your food, to replace the artificially made sauces and dressings which contain much saturated fat and sugar.

  • Thermo-Charged Seasoning Guide

It’s a 14 pages guide that contains seasoning recipes. These recipes were designed not just to give food a better taste, but also to give the seasonings the ability to enhance metabolism, or in the terms of this book, they are ‘Thermo-Charged Seasonings’.

  • Supplements Optimizer Guide

It’s a 25 pages guide, which helps you determine which supplements you can take, that’s if you want to take supplements or you feel you need them, and which of them to avoid.

  • Metabolic Cooking Quick Sheets

They are 6 sheets: Cooking glossary, Daily Food Log Template, Grocery Shopping Masterlist, Kitchen Ware Discounts Links, Online Grocery Shopping List, Quick Recipe Finder, and Weights and Measurements Conversions.

As I mentioned earlier, I like the layout of the pages, so I’m going to show you an example of that. You may wonder what the four colors on the upper right of the page are; it’s a color code that comes with every recipe, which resembles which contents are the most abundant in the meal. These contents are: Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat and Veggies. Here is an example of a recipe page layout, taken from Breakfast book, which comes in the Metabolic Cooking set.Metabolic Cooking Recipe

What Do People Say?

I found many testimonials regarding this nutritional guide, here is one of them:

Tess is one of the first people who have tried Metabolic Cooking. Figure out what she says about her experience in this video.

Bottom Line

If you want to make healthy weight loss recipes, easily and quickly, without losing the taste factor, then Metabolic Cooking is for you. So using this nutritional guide, you can lose weight without feeling that you’re on a diet, and without depriving yourself from any nutritional factor.

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One comment

  • This sounds as if it’s something that I need to try. And the recipes in the testimonial mentioned sounded delicious! I think learning to control your metabolism is a better way to lose weight, and it’s something that you’ll be able to do for the rest of your life. And I do like that they also have a supplement guide to show you which ones are ideal and which ones aren’t good…..find that too many people are taking a slew of various supplements without real thought of the pros and cons of them.

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