How To Burn Your Belly Fat

So many people struggle to lose weight all over the planet. It’s important to lose fat particularly from your belly, because it’s not just an aesthetic matter; fat that accumulates around your waist can make your body produce more stress hormones, which affects the production of insulin, and that may lead to diabetes and heart problems. You can’t target one area of your body to decrease fat in it, but if you follow a proper diet and exercise you’ll eventually burn your belly fat. Let’s talk about exercise and diet in the following two points.

1- Workouts

Do burst training instead of extended cardios. Not just that burst training requires less amount of time, it also burns fat more efficiently. This kind of training is also called high-intensity interval training (HIIT), it consists of short bursts of exercise, each “burst” lasts for half a minute to one minute, and these bursts are separated by recovery periods that take one-to-two minutes.

Why is burst training more efficient?

This kind of training creates what is called energy debt, which has to be repaid. After the burst workout your body uses oxygen to oxidize the fat to get the needed energy. This means your body burns fat even after you do burst training.

Sure, cardios and riding the treadmill make you burn fat too, but that happens just while you’re exercising, not after that, regarding the lower intensity of this kind of training. In addition to this, extended cardios increase corisol levels in the body, the thing that stimulates the appetite, increases the storage of fat, and slows down the recovery process.

2- Nutrition

Avoid artificially modified foods, which include bagged or frozen foods that are usually loaded with preservatives and different unhealthy additives. Replace these foods with natural foods, especially vegetables. Doing so you don’t just help your body burn fat, you improve your body’s overall health.

Also try to avoid sugar, even its hidden sources like grains. Whole grain is better than refined grain, but it’s better to decrease your intake of both these sorts if you’re trying to lose belly fat.

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