Full Throttle Fat Loss Review

Personally, I know many people who are on a diet to lose weight, but without success. I thought this is because they don’t workout, until Ifull throttle fat loss models saw people who are on a diet and workout, yet they don’t lose weight. Others lost some weight in the beginning, then their weight loss rate started to slow down, until they hit a plateau. Then I realized that you won’t necessarily lose weight successfully if you workout, but your exercise program should be able to prevent what is called ‘metabolic adaptation’, and to make sufficient caloric deficit in order to get the desired results in losing weight, and this is what Full Throttle Fat Loss program is for.

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Working Plan

First you should read the manual, which will help you know your skill level, and your body type, whither it’s endomorph, mesomorph, or ectomorph. Doing this you will be able to customize the exercise program to your needs. Personally I think you can skip this step and start week 1 workouts, where you will gain skill and know what’s better for your body. The workouts are in the manual too, and when you click on a workout you’ll see a video in which Dr. Kareem Samhouri shows you exactly how to do it.

The exercise program consists of 16 weeks, every week has its own workouts. The workouts take 12 to 35 minutes a day, depending on the week. The 16 weeks are classified into 5 main phases:

Phase #1: week 1 to week 4

 In this phase you will do simple workouts, which means every workout consists of one movement only.

Phase #2: weeks 5 and 6

In this phase your workouts will become more complex, meaning that you will integrate more than one movement in every workout, which makes more muscles get involved in the workouts, increasing the metabolic process.

Phase #3: week 7 to week 9

In this phase the workouts will give more focus on Strength, Agility, and Metabolism. This is why Dr. Kareem calls this SAM training method. In week 8, you will start learning to focus on every muscle contraction, individually, to get the best out of your workouts. In the manual you will find a link to a report called “Neuro Strength Report”, which will give you the needed information on how to do that.

Phase #4: week 10 to week 13

Dr. Kareem calls this phase “SAM training level 2”, which means it’s a continuity of the previous phase, but in this phase there is more focus on ligament strength and improving muscle reaction time and the sequence between the muscles.

Phase #5: week 13 to week 16

This is the final phase of this program, where you’ll combine all aspects of the previous phases to increase metabolism to its maximum potential.                                                            

* Note: You will find for every week that workouts are divided into 2 groups: A and B. I don’t want that to make a confusion for you, this means you do group A workouts the first day of the week, then group B the next day, then group A the third day, etc..

How Does This Program Work?

The main focus of this program is on working out. It talks also about nutrition, but not elaborately. Dr. Kareem gives general guide lines about nutrition, and refers the reader to external resources, saying frankly that nutrition is not his specialty. The workout system of this program is created to enable you to lose weight fast without dedicating much time to do that. It does that in 3 main ways:

1- Doing multiple moves in one exercise to maximize caloric deficit, which means burning more fat.

2- Changing the exercises regularly to “shock” your body in order to prevent metabolic adaptation.

3- Getting more help from the nervous system to get more muscle involved and get the best out of every exercise and every move.

What Is Special About This Program?

In other programs, you may find that losing weight process slows down over time, until you hit a plateau, but in Full Throttle Fat Loss you’ll find that the process of losing fat accelerates over time. Also this program doesn’t require you to dedicate much time, you’ll need just 12 to 35 minutes daily to achieve your goal. Moreover, the workouts are designed by a doctor of physical therapy and Kinesiologist, so you’ll know that you’re in safe hands.

Who Is The Creator Of This Program?

His Name is Dr. Kareem Samhouri. I’ll put some information about him in the following points:creator of full throttle fat loss

  • He’s a doctor of Physical Therapy, Kinesiologist and the Chief Executive Officer of multiple international best-selling fitness and rehabilitation programs.
  • Worked with thousands of people, helping them transform their bodies
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
  • Certified Health and Fitness Specialist (HFS)
  • The founder of the ‘Master Trainer and Master Therapist’ certification
  • NBC Philadelphia’s chosen fitness expert

What Do You Get?

 1- 32 Doctor-Designed Rapid Neuro Fat Loss Workouts + Audios

You can access these workouts through the manual; just click on the workout you want and you’ll see a video of Dr. Kareem Samhouri doing and illustrating it, also you can download them as audio files to be able to hear the instructions whenever you want.

2- Full Throttle Fat Loss At-Home Modifications Guide

It’s a 7 pages guide which aims to make it easier for you to workout at home. Here you will find exercise adaptations to suit you whither you prefer to purchase the equipment, use items normally found in your house, or do all the workouts using only your body weight.

3- The Top 10 Fat Loss Lessons Of All Time Cheat Sheet

 Within Dr. Kareem’s long experience with his clients, he have been taking notes, he learned what is affective and what is not. Doing so, he gathered these 10 fat loss lessons, which deals with nutrition, workout, and other factors that affect weight loss. I recommend that you print this sheet and put it on your fridge or anywhere you prefer.

4- Full Throttle Fat Loss Beginner Basics Guide

It’s a 13 pages guide which aims to help you comprehend the terms used in this program, learn the basic moves of the workouts, know how to track your progress and how to easily get started.

 5- Victory Journal

It’s essentially a table and instructions on how to use it, in order to track your improvement and give you more motivation. You should print a copy of this table for every workout day ’64 copies for the 16 weeks’, place the copies in one folder, then fill one copy every day. Anyway if you want to save the trees, you can use a Google Doc instead.

6- U-Stream Assess & Correct Workshops

They are two videos in which Dr. Kareem evaluates and treats 3 clients for several issues, including neck, shoulder, low back, hip and knee pain. In these videos Dr. Kareem figures out the causes of these issues, and develops a plan to treat them. You can find these videos in the Member’s Page, under the title ‘ Extra Tools & Resources’.

There are also other videos that answer questions about exercise, nutrition, how to prevent injury and how to deal with injury if you have one. You’ll find these videos in the Member’s Page, under ‘Support Videos’ title.

7- Transformational Mindset Audios

They are 3 audios, labeled: Nutritional Mindset, Fitness Inspiration Audio, and Goal Setting For Real Results. In these audios Dr Kareem tries to get the listeners to the right mindset towards fitness and weight loss, to help them lead a healthy lifestyle, and motivate them to get through this program with vigor.

8- Private 120 Minute VIP Coaching Call

Now you can call Dr. Samhouri and consult with him about anything you want regarding this program.

Bottom Line

I hope I was successful in giving you a clear view of this program, but you won’t know for sure what it’s capable of doing until you give it a try.

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