The E-Factor Diet Review – Is It Really Effective?

Hi, Here you will get an in depth look at The E-Factor Diet Program. You will know what it is about, how it works, and most importantly, you’ll discover if it works for you.

As a beginning let me ask you some questions: Have you tried many diets without success? Do you lose weight just to regain it after a few weeks or months? The reason I’m asking these question is because this program has helped to solve these problems for so many people, and in my review you will discover how this program is able to do that.


What is the E-factor diet?

It’s a program that enables you to burn fat around the clock, even when you sleep, and the good thing is that you don’t have to count the calories or grams, and you don’t have to deprive yourself completely from your favorite meals, but also you will experience much less cravings for unhealthy foods naturally. It’s about eating the right foods at the right times, in a way that boosts your metabolism and increases fat burning hormones naturally.

The name E-Factor comes from 4 factors that begin with the letter “E”. These factors are responsible of losing weight.

What are the E-factors?

  • Energetic Foods

You will know three very common breakfast foods which you may think are healthy and give you energy, while in reality they make you depend on sugar all day. You just need to change the time of eating these foods, so you won’t crave carbohydrate-rich, sugary foods all the day, and you will naturally have more craving for fat burning foods, without making your will power struggle with your biology.

  • Endothermic Foods

These are the ideal foods for breakfast. Endo refers to the endocrine and immune system, and “Thermic” refers to fat burning foods. That means you should eat foods that trigger fat burning hormones at the right times.

  • Enzymatic Foods

They are foods that have naturally lots of digestive enzymes in them, foods that enhance your immune system, and foods that boost good flora in your guts to enhance the digestive process, and foods that fight bad flora in the guts which contribute in gaining weight in many ways.

  • Enjoy Every Meal

To stick to any diet plan, you should have this enjoyment factor. You shouldn’t be struggling with your brain and with your body’s biology to continue this program.

  • There is another factor which doesn’t begin with the letter E, but is an essential one in this weight loss program. This time it’s a factor that you should eliminate its effect, which is Allergenic Foods. Some foods cause a body reaction similar to that if you’re stung by a bee. It makes it release a compound called histamine, which causes swelling, and contributes in gaining weight. In E-Factor, you’ll know everything about this topic. Actually it’s not the only time that I hear about the role of food allergies in gaining weight, I heard Dr. Oz talk about that too in this video:

Who is The Author of The E-factor?

John Rowley _ Auther of The E-FactorThe author of this diet plan and all its bonus ebooks is John M. Rowley. He is an International Best Selling author, and a well known Fitness and Nutrition expert. He is a contributor to many TV shows and channels such as Martha Stewart Living, Smart Money, Fox News, NBC, CBS, US News and World Report. He is also a contributor to Iron Man Magazine and Wall Street Journal. The media call him “America’s Lifestyle Strategist” for his efforts which inspires millions of people to become healthier, lose fat and get into better shape, using simple, common sense solutions. He is also the founder of the “52 million pound challenge” which aims to transform North America to become healthier and leaner.

The E-Factor program components

The E-Factor Diet Components

The E-Factor Diet Main book

This book is 103 pages long and it covers everything about dieting and all kinds of foods with their classifications. Here you will see how to do the diet successfully and the explanation of why the diet works. Here also you will know the complete story of how John discovered the E-Factors.

Quick Start Guide

It contains 13 pages and is a summary of the main book in clearly defined points. It will make it easier for you to remember the important points and steps to follow in your diet.

Weight Loss Hand Book

It’s a 2 pages booklet which contains the science behind E-Factor diet and its principles explained in a simple way

The E-Factor Grocery Guide

It’s a 5 pages guide which contains a list of the foods that John recommends you to buy. You can print out this guide and take it with you when you go to the grocery. These are the foods that trigger the E-Factor effect.

Meal Planning Blueprint

It’s a 25 pages booklet which contains sample meal plans that you can follow. It covers all times of the day, so it includes plans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, also the morning snack, afternoon snack, and evening snack.

Cheat Your Way Trim

It’s a 12 pages long booklet which explains everything about cheat meals, why they are important and when to eat them. You may think that cheat meals are unhealthy and not helping in losing weight, but in this booklet you will see that they actually are an important part of your weight loss plan. How could this be true? Well, with cheat meals comes the conception of diet confusion, and that is if you eat the same food all the time, your body becomes habituated to the same types of food and the metabolism becomes stable. With diet confusion you switch your foods from time to time and that boosts your metabolism.

In addition to the 6 books mentioned above, you will get 5 bonuses:

The E-Factor Diet Bonuses

Bonus#1: Fast Food Guide

This 9 pages guide is one of the best for me, due to the amount of help it can give, specially for the modern lifestyle which compels most of us to go to fast food joints. It tells you which foods to order when you are in a fast food restaurant, so you can still be on the right track of your weight loss plan.

Bonus #2: Smoothie Shop

This 55 pages book is full of healthy smoothie recipes, which are easy to make and most of them consist mainly of fruits. This book will help you stay on the right track of your diet when you don’t have time to prepare food, or when you just want to have something sweet.

Bonus #3: All-Day Energy Secrets

This 11 pages guide will give you tips on how to get more energy doing simple things, such as simple movements and exercises.

Bonus #4: Joint Recovery Workshop

This is a 65-minute long MP3 file, contains an interview John did with a joint health expert.

Bonus #5: Elite Support Community

It’s a Face Book group that you get access to after you purchase the program. It’s filled with people just like you, who are on the journey of weight loss. This will greatly support you to reach your goals. John is also in the community with other coaches to help you and answer your questions.

Who is this diet for?

It’s for everyone who wants to lose weight, either male or female. It’s for everyone who thinks he\she is living unhealthy lifestyle, and wants to change it to a healthier one. It’s for people who have tried many weight loss programs, without success, and without knowing which missing factor they need to implement to lose weight. It’s for people who made some success in losing weight, but couldn’t keep their results for long. On the other hand it’s not for people who think losing weight can be achieved with a magic pill, without any effort, and without changing any habit.

Get Started With The E-Factor Diet


1- Credible and Well Known Author

John Rowley has more than 30 years of experience in the field of health and fitness. You already know how well known and credible he is after you read the paragraph above regarding the author of E-Factor.

2- A support community that helps you in your journey

After you purchase E-Factor program, you will get access to a support community who share with you the same goals and the same journey. This is of a great benefit because you will be always motivated along the journey as you watch others progress, and as everybody share their experiences with each other. The coaches will be ready to answer your questions, so you won’t be progressing alone.

3- Produces Fast Sustainable Results

This program boosts your metabolism and improves the production of fat burning hormones, without making you struggle to avoid certain foods. It makes your mind get rid of craving for unhealthy foods naturally, which makes the weight loss process sustainable.

4- Reasonable Price With Many Bonuses

The E-Factor Program is sold in a really reasonable price considering the value of this program and all the bonuses that come with it. The credibility of John Rowley and the fact that you can get in touch him and with his team to answer your questions adds much more to the real value of this program.

5- 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

This program comes with a 60 days money back guarantee, so if you don’t find this program useful, simply email John Rowley within 60 days of the purchase date and you will get all your money back.


1- Requires Changes of Some Habits

To be realistic, it’s not something just related to this program, everyone needs to change some habits to switch to a healthier lifestyle.

2- Comes Only in Digital Format

Although some people prefer paper books, this point has a positive side, because you get instant access to the program after purchase, with no added delivery fees.

Bottom Line

In this review I tried to investigate everything about this program, to give you the clearest view possible. It’s up to you now. Consider that to follow this program you should be ready to make some changes in your habits. But I believe since you’re reading this, you’re willing to make these changes, in order to get rid of excess fat, to feel more energy all the day, and to become as healthy as possible.

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  • I have heard of this diet and nothing but positive reviews. What has me interested is the fact that there’s an actual shopping guide already made out….how much simpler could that be?!?! And yes, not everyone has good metabolism, but we all know that a good one greatly benefits any efforts towards weight loss. Will be going to their website and checking this out. Thanks for sharing this review. :)

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