Adonis Golden Ratio Review – Does it really work?

First let me tell you the basis of this program: Adonis Golden Ratio is the ratio between the muscles that makes the body as attractive and beautiful as possible, and there is a blueprint to these ratios hardwired in the brain, specially in women’s brains.

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We all want attention, that’s a great part of the reason why we men workout at the gym, we want to get a beautiful body that other men admire, and women get instantly attracted to, and yeah, this is an essential reason why we workout, we want women to find our bodies the most beautiful, most attractive, we don’t want our girlfriends to think that another man has a sexier body than we do, and that’s why we seek perfection.

You might think: will, I’ll workout and make my muscles grow bigger, But to which extent?adonis golden ratio And which workouts should I do and which of them should I avoid to get the Adonis Golden Ratio? What are the right measurements? You might ask these questions, and that’s because you know – although you’re a man – that women don’t prefer excessively bulked bodies that don’t look natural, nor they like skinny ones. What you know is confirmed by studies, which also revealed that there is a certain ratio women find most attractive.

How Can I Achieve This Ratio Using This System?

Adonis Golden Ratio works by adjusting its plan to your current body condition, to give you what you need to do right now, and take you step by step all the way to reaching your goal of having the body with the desired Adonis Golden Ratio.

Working Plan

Step 1 – Get Your Own Nutritional Plan

First you need to take your measurements and enter them into the Adonis Golden Ratio calculator, which is an app designed specifically for this system, then it will give you your custom needs of nutrition to help you reach your goal.adonis golden ratio nutrition calculator

Step 2 – Get Your Own Workout Program

Use the workout software to choose the most effective workout program for you, based on your current level of fitness and exercise experience, and then choose the video that illustrates your workout from the 78 video coaching lessons that come with this program.

Step 3 – Communicate With Other Members

Stay connected with other Adonis Golden Ratio members and coaches, which is an exclusive community that you can reach with the support of a custom mobile app. Whenever you feel you faced a hurdle or a challenge just seek advice from the members and coaches in this community, you’ll find many of them with much experience to help you get the most out of your program. Don’t forget to track your working plan any time you need to using the provided mobile app.

Step 4 – Improve And Maintain The Results

Get the help of Adonis Golden Ratio coaches to expand your knowledge on how to live, eat and exercise to keep and improve the lean strong body you got. It’s natural that you always aspire for the better, and the good thing is you’ll find advanced nutrition and workout strategies designed by the coaches of this program to take your body transformation to another level.


The workouts fall into three categories depending on their primary goal, whether it is muscle gain, fat loss or the two of them combined. You won’t be guessing which workout to choose, because the system will give you your customized plan depending on your physical condition. You won’t be guessing how to do the workouts either, because when you click on a workout a video appears with John Barban Showing you how to do it correctly.


adonis golden ratio dietAs you may have figured out the nutritional plan aims to increase muscle growth and decrease body fat, but speaking about decreasing the body fat it doesn’t do it in the ordinary way, which is beginning the diet at higher levels of calories and then decreasing the calorie intake as getting leaner, which has short term unsustainable results because this way it’s hard to sustain the effort that’s made to attain the lean body. Instead, Adonis Golden Ratio nutrition program takes another rout, which is you begin dieting at a lower level of calories, and gradually increase your intake of calories as you get leaner until you get to a point of optimal maintenance, which makes it easier for you to make it a lifestyle, not just a preparation for a competition. Another important factor in this nutritional plan is its flexibility; you’ll notice that it doesn’t stick you to a strict plan, and you’ll have so many options to choose from. You’ll also get the full benefit from it even if you’re a vegan or if you have any type of food sensitivity.


In this program it’s clarified that you don’t have to take supplements to attain the results, but if you want quicker results you can choose some of the supplements recommended in this program.

What Do You Get?

Let me clarify here that all of the following are digital products, which means you will get instant access to them after you decide to try this program. So you will get:

1- Adonis Golden Ratio Training Program, which comes with over 78 illustrative videos

2- Adonis Golden Ratio Nutrition Program, with nutritional software that customizes the plan exactly for you.

3- Adonis Golden Ratio Supplementation Guide. Again, supplements are not necessary in this program, but if you want to accelerate the results, you’ll find the needed guidance here.

Bonus #1: The Adonis Abs and Arm Assault

With this complementary program you’ll maximize your abs and arm muscles, two muscle groups you may have noticed that most guys at the gym don’t give the needed focus, despite their powerful impact on others.

Bonus #2: Adonis Unlimited Upgrades

You’ll get free of charge upgrades to your program whenever the creators of it find new information or new techniques that help you get the body shape you want.

Bonus #3: 7 Days Out – Special Program

You can use this complementary program to add final touches to your body shape, to look like a fitness model within one week.

Pros and Cons


1- It’s not just a bodybuilding program, it helps you get the best body shape possible which is attractive to women and admired by other men.

2- Gives you a customized nutrition and workout plan based on your own body measurements.

3- Takes the guesswork out of training by giving you all needed info, including a large collection of instructional videos, so you just need to apply and see the results.

4- The nutritional plan has a wide range of food choices to make sure that it suits everyone, even vegans.

5- Comes with a 60 days full money back guarantee, which takes all of the risk out of the deal.


1- The main purpose of this program is to help you grow your muscles and sculpt your body in a way that gives you the body with the ‘golden ratios’, or in other words the look of a fitness model, so if you’re planning to get a body that could compete at the Mr. Olympia, you might need another program specified for that particular purpose.

2- It’s designed just for men. Anyway John Barban created another program just for women to give them the best feminine shape. If you’re interested you can check it by clicking here.

Bottom Line

You know that having the body shape you dream of doesn’t come easily. It needs effort, and sense you’re reading this I guess you are ready to make that effort. The important thing is to make sure you’re putting your effort in the right place. I personally recommend this program, and I’m sure you will find so many others who also recommend it when you join the Adonis Golden Ratio Community, and another thing I didn’t tell you about: they make transformation contests 3 times a year, you can join these contests and you can see the results of other members who participated in these contests. I saw around 40 of them and all of them had amazing transformations.

Click the button bellow to download the program and start the journey towards your goal. If you find that you’re not satisfied with what you found, you can email the creators of this program within 60 days and they will make a refund within 24 hours.get instant access to adonis golden ratio


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